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Only the prerequisites that can influence the development of viagra growths have been established: Failures of the regenerative function of the thick wall, when the epithelium does not have time to fully recover after the death of old cells. Genetic predisposition, when the likelihood of a disease increases dramatically, provided that representatives of previous generations suffered from this disease. Reducing fiber in the diet, increasing protein foods (which for thick epithelial tissue itself remains difficult to process).

If benign neoplasms are not treated, they lead tosuch consequences:

But when combined with vegetables, fruits, whole grain bread, peristalsis improves, so the final products of processed protein foods without fiber stay longer in the direct rectal zone and negatively affect its epithelium. Fatty food, for the processing of viagra sildenafil large amounts of bile are secreted. If it stays with the feces for a long time, this negatively affects the formation of new cells. Eating carcinogenic food is a direct way to a gastroenterologist. Stagnation in the small pelvis, which is associated with a sedentary way of work, low mobility of a person.

Colon obstruction. Deterioration of the general condition, anemia. The possibility of the transition of the disease to a new stage (into malignant formations). Such adenomas, unfortunately, are treated mainly by surgery. Conservative therapy (100% reliability) does not exist today. The method proposed by medical workers in the seventies of the last century using celandine juice did not show the desired results.


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